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M1635A/M1625A/M1623A Philips ECG 5 Lead Wire Sets

Shenzhen Upnmed Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the best m1635a/m1625a/m1623a philips ecg lead wire sets manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale cheap m1635a/m1625a/m1623a philips ecg lead wire sets at discount in stock from our factory. 1.Philips 5 leads ecg...

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M1635A/M1625A/M1623A Philips ECG 5 Lead Wire Sets

1.Philips 5 leads ecg  lead wires, Snap, IEC

2.Compatibility:suitable for all AA-Plug System,Yoke type:AA style ,code:DOR:for operating room use ;includes special filtering;does not allow respiration monioring.

3.OEM code: 




M1605A (3 Leads, Snap)

M1603A (3 Leads, Clip)

M1608A (3 Leads, Clip)

M1609A (3 Leads, Clip)

989803104371 (3 Leads, Clip)

989803104401 (3 Leads, Clip)

989803104411 (3 Leads, Clip)

M1625A (5 Leads, Snap)

M1621A (5 Leads, Clip)

M1623A (5 Leads, Clip)

M1629A (5 Leads, Clip)

989803104541 (5 Leads, Clip)


LDW-03AB-29AS-0100 (3 Leads, Snap)

LDW-03AB-51AS-0100 (3 Leads, Snap)

LDW-03BB-29AS-0100 (3 Leads, Clip)

LDW-03BB-51AS-0100 (3 Leads, Clip)

LDW-05AB-29AS-0100 (5 Leads, Snap)

LDW-05AB-51AS-0100 (5 Leads, Snap)

LDW-05AB-MXAS-0100 (5 Leads, Snap)

LDW-05BB-29AS-0100 (5 Leads, Clip)

LDW-05BB-51AS-0100 (5 Leads, Clip)

LDW-05BB-MXAS-0100 (5 Leads, Clip)


0012-00-0847 (3 Leads, Snap)

0012-00-1003-01 (5 Leads, Snap)

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