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Original M1196A Philips Adult Finger clipSpo2 Sensor

1.Original M1196A Philips Adult Finger clipSpo2 Sensor

2.Connector Guide:8 pins

3.Delivery time:3-5 business days,by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT.

4.Compatibility: This sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable, and is compatible for the following SpO2 monitors: Viridia 24C, Viridia ,M3, M4, M2601A, M3000A, M3500B, M4735A,MP20,MP30,MP40,MP50,MP60,MP70,MP90,C1,C3,VirDia, VM4,VM6,VM8

5.Original Philips part number: 
M1191A    Philips adult finger clip spo2 sensor,5ft 
M1191B    Philips  adult soft tip spo2 sensor,5ft 
M1191AL   Philips  adult soft tip spo2 sensor,10ft 
M1191BL   Philips  adult soft tip spo2 sensor,10ft 
M1196A    Philips  adult clip spo2 sensor, 10 ft 
M1192A    Philips  pediatric soft tip spo2 sensor,5ft 
M1193A    Philips  neonate wrap spo2 sensor,5ft 
M1194A    Philips  adult ear clip spo2 sensor,5ft