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Disposable Electrosurgical ESU Pencil

Shenzhen Upnmed Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the best disposable electrosurgical esu pencil manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale cheap disposable electrosurgical esu pencil at discount in stock from our factory. 1. Disposable Electrosurgical ESU pencil, Cautery pencil 2....

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Disposable Electrosurgical ESU Pencil

1. Disposable Electrosurgical ESU pencil, Cautery pencil

2. Categories: Surgical apparatus

3. Length of handle: 170mm , Length of blade: 40mm , Diameter of blade :2.3 mm 

Length of wire: 9 ft (2.8m) , Package way:100pcs/box, Maximal output current : 1A 

Frequency confine : 0-1.OMHZ , Current resistance : 200, Ways of aseptic technique: Sterile eo, 

Term of sterility:2 year.


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