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Advantages And Disadvantages Of ECG
Apr 28, 2016

Normal electrocardiogram: clinical practice has more than 100 years, the technology is mature, low cost and wide popularity. This check is basically able to do, and the examination cost is cheap, very fast.

Disease exacerbation or persistence of abnormal ECG, reflects the heart of patients with normal electrocardiogram alone. But indefinite situation that occurs when a majority is "inadequate" because it included only patients lie quietly 1-2 minutes of ECG, easy to produce non-attack "missed" diagnosis, that is, "hit rate" is limited.

Dynamic ECG check: can continuous records to was check who day and night period of heart electric activities situation, although your some, but information big, can said almost not let any once "deviation" of heart radio, to make up General ECG of insufficient, greatly improve on indefinite Shi occurred of flustered heartbeat, especially on a had sex flustered heartbeat and the short of chest stuffy heartache attack of check out rate, including people "no feel"--that no symptoms of exception heart radio changes also can was "pulled" out.

Exercise ECG examination: General during exercise or immediately after exercise, based on observed phenomenon of perfect blood, is the discovery of a detection method of early coronary artery disease, but the more check for contraindications, generally the elderly or infirm this check is not recommended.