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After The Blood-glucose Meter, ECG Machine Was Also Going Into Home From The Hospital
Apr 28, 2016

Every major scientific research institutes publish statistical reports of cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases, regardless of changes in the form and content of reports, were delivered two messages: cardio-cerebrovascular disease risk, the incidence of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases increase year by year.

Founder friends ECG machine is a member of this large prevalence, himself suffering from severe arrhythmia and suffered from heart problems. Is over six years old, but he still kept on doing this, like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters used ECG machine at home.

Products are divided into two parts, read the ECG acquisition box and smart software. Routine 18-lead ECG machine, this 8-lead ECG machine, is divided into two modes, one model is in hospital EKG machines, requires patients to lie down, through the clips hold the ankles wrists, chest labeled induction apparatus, 10 seconds to check out a single cardiac waveform data, and real-time display via Bluetooth. Another pattern is to wear ECG machine, the upper part has 4 limb leads, 2 precordial chest position. This model can move around to memory card the device itself can be continuously recorded 90 hours of heart beats, and supports playback.