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Analysis Of ECG Characteristics Of Hospital Information
Apr 28, 2016

ECG ECG machines of construction information management needs with powerful network compatibility and security

Philips TC series EKG machine is based on the Windows CE platform, available on the connection uses industry-standard protocols, wired and wireless local network seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure. In other words, electrocardiogram TC series can easily like a notebook computer on the LAN connected at the hospital. Framework based on security wireless network devices, PageWriter TC50 and PageWriter TC30 supports 802.11i, WPA2,CCX and other advanced security protocols, which guarantee the privacy, protecting hospitals and patients ' medical data.

ECG management Informationization for ECG automatic analysis, higher demands

Philips TC series of ECG using best 2009 United States of Cardiology guide DXL algorithm, this new generation of resting electrocardiogram ECG automatic analysis procedures is of great significance in the information era, greatly expanding the ECG diagnosis of the accessibility features.