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Changchun China Information Technology Companies Leading The Intelligent Dynamic Electrocardiogram Equipment Market
Apr 28, 2016

Changchun China information technology limited was founded in January 2011, is located in Jilin Northeast Asia cultural and creative science and Technology Park, is a joint-stock Enterprise specializing in the medical product development and production. The company's commitment to research and development for medical professional medical equipment and home medical equipment, designed to create a "portable GP. ”

Developed by the company "ECG" is an intelligent dynamic ECG monitoring, fusion of cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of things, wearable device and new technology products, is the first into the family with the analysis of professional electrical equipment to fill gaps in the domestic similar products, household management of heart health, health interventions possible.

Te-te.CN ECG as an intelligent dynamic ECG monitoring devices, targeted user base mainly for the elderly and patients with heart disease. The products to smartphones, pad, computer display terminals, from the traditional 12-lead line has been simplified into 3 finger, 3 wires, one colleaction box. It is compact, easy to carry, without limiting the patient action applies to hospitals, community village, clinic doctors and personal home use. This product detected intelligent analysis of the ECG by a background process, accurate analysis of ECG monitoring results with a professional analysis report, rendered to the user in a simple way, solves the problem of ordinary users can't read electrocardiograms.