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Create A Dynamic Electrocardiogram In Children, Women Homes Check
Apr 28, 2016

Recently, the city woman DMS-300ma dynamic ECG workstation introduced di Roma company, the device can be used not only in adult check, also applies to a variety of disorders and sleep apnea syndrome in infants and young children, fills the blank of dynamic electrocardiogram in children in our city.

The equipment can long time continuous records and compiled analysis human heart in activities and quiet State Xia of ECG changes, can full understand patients 24 hours within of rhythm changes, including heart rate high, and low limited, average heart rate and the each hours heart rate; can accurate to records rhythm disorders of type, and occurred time, and continued time and attack times, as room Shang sex or room sex early beats and the heart had speed of times, has no conduction block and the heart stopped beats, situation; can understand patients has no myocardial deficiency blood and deficiency blood occurred of time ; Determine the patient's heart palpitations, dizziness, fainting, and other symptoms associated with arrhythmias, such as bradycardia, cardiac arrest, conduction block, ventricular tachycardia, etc.

Currently, most hospitals 24-hour ambulatory ECG, I apply only to adult check, woman introduced the device at the same time carrying children lead wires, not only to meet the adult check apply equally to children.