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Transtelephonic ECG Remote Monitoring Instrument
Apr 28, 2016

Prevalence of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of 12 million people a year around the world, close to the total deaths of the world's population 1/4. "China has about 100 million hypertension patients, about 3 million new stroke cases each year, 600,000 people with myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular deaths by about 2.6 million, on average 300 people per hour". This is attending in September 2002 of the second China International Symposium on cardiovascular diseases figures from the Beijing anzhen Hospital Chief Zhang Zhaoguang. He said statistics show that in recent years, of cardio-cerebral-vascular disease in Chinese population is increasing, the total number has been significantly higher than the United States, and Canada, and France, and Switzerland, and Japan and other countries; the prevalence rate of hypertension among people over the age of 15 is about 14%, and 1 time more than 30 years ago. Most worrying is the cardiac and cerebral vascular disease and death trending younger, around the age of 30 is a common feature of myocardial infarction and stroke.

Background and project advance

"No-lead ECG remote monitoring" project is a project of the Russian base in Russia in the long-term cooperation between Ministry of science and technology, selected from many high-tech projects out of an outstanding projects in the field of information industry-Russia space technology application in the civilian field. No guide joint is refers to it without stick in skin Shang, just carry carry a BP machine big of ECG information collection box, through any one phone will by collection to of ECG information transmission to specified of by doctor 24 hours guardianship of Terminal, doctor reading by transmission of ECG Hou, can quickly to guide patients how for timely treatment, commonly known as "heart BP machine", belongs to remote medical guardianship equipment, is electronics and remote communications technology effective combined of product, is remote medical technology in hospital outside monitoring aspects of good application. It consists of two components: 1/computer and its software, and transmission and reception Modem,2/a similar BP-ECG information collection boxes.