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Original Envitec OOM201 Medical Oxygen Sensor

Envitec OOM201 Medical oxygen sensor , Original OOM201 O2 CELL Replacement Analytical Industries PSR-11-915-2 City Technology MOX-16 Drager 6850645 Hamilton HM-13,HM-14 Ohmeda O2 cell 6051-0000-224 Mercury Medical 10-103-07 Technical Specifications

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Envitec OOM201 Medical oxygen sensor , Original OOM201 O2 CELL

Output signal in air :24µA-32µA (dual cathode) no temperature compensation

Response  time T 90%: <12 seconds

Nominal sensor lifetime: > 500 000 % O2 hours


Analytical Industries PSR-11-915-2

Catalyst Research MSA (梅思安) 655263

Ceramatec CAG-11

City Technology (城市技术) MOX-16

DP Medical MVA210

Draeger(Dräger德尔格) Instruments Cicero, Cato, Babylog 8000, SA2Sulla, Oxycom 100 D, Oxydig, Anemone, Anaesthesia Mach, Evita, Evita 2, Evita 4, Evita 2 Dura, Cicero, Babylog, Fabian, PM8030, Anemone, Incubator 8000 , I-8000, 8000IC, Fabius, Fabius GS, Narcomed 1A,2,2B,3,4,60006850645

NAD Narcomed 6850645

Hamilton (瑞士哈美顿/夏美顿) HM-13HM-14

Hewlett Packard (HP惠普) 15201A

Hudson 5557 , V-14

IT-Gambert M-02

Maxtec (迈克思泰克) MAX-11

Mercury Medical 10-103-07

Ohmeda O2 cell 6051-0000-224

Oxitron 3710

Pacifitech PT-14

Paragon Services PS-2000

PPG Biomedical, Irisa 505055-001

Sensor Tec (BPR Medical) ST-14

Sensidyne SV-14A

Teledyne R-23 , R-23MED

Vascular Technology 101372

Ventrex V-14A

Nuova E-15/2

Technical Specifications

Measuring range0-100%
Accuracy+/-2% of full scale
Signal output10-14mV
Linearity+/-2% of full scale
Response T9013 sec
Temp Coefficientcompensated
Shelf Life6 months
Humidity Non-condensing0-99% RH
Operating Temp0 to 40℃
Recommended storage0 to 25℃
Expected Life60 months
Warrangty15 months
Electrical Connector

gold plated slip rings

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