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Original Envitec OOM202 Medical Oxygen Sensor

Original Envitec OOM202 Medical oxygen sensor ,OOM202 O2 cell Replacement Technical Specifications

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Original Envitec OOM202 Medical oxygen sensor ,OOM202 O2 cell


Analytical Industries PSR-11-917-M

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Catalyst Research MSA (MSA) 472 062, 470 644

Ceramatec CAG-12

City Technology (City Technology) MOX-9, MOX-09

EME, Infant Flow

Hamilton (Hamilton Ruishi Ha / Summer Hamilton) Galileo (Galileo), Raphael (Raphael),

Alladin HM-12, 51214

Hudson 5566

Infrasonics Adult Star 601T, 60116

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Mercury Medical 10-103-06

Ohmeda O2 cell 6051-0000-222

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PPG Biomedical Saracap 504055-001

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Sensor Tec (BPR Medical) ST-12, ST-04

original (original) Servo Ventilators, 900, 900C, 900D, 700, 710, 300, V710300, 9004979, 6419332

Space Labs 90514, Gas Analyzer 015-0132-03

Taema (Pegasus) YR049700, Cesar 2, Horus

Teledyne R24, R24MED, Cheiron R-24, Hill-ROM R-24

Vascular Technology 103100

Ventrex V-12A

VTI 103100

Nuova E-17 / M

Technical Specifications

Measuring range0-100%
Accuracy+/-2% of full scale
Signal output13-16mV
Linearity+/-2% of full scale
Response T9013 sec
Temp Coefficientcompensated
Shelf Life6 months
Humidity Non-condensing0-99% RH
Operating Temp0 to 40℃
Recommended storage0 to 25℃
Expected Life60 months
Warrangty15 months
Electrical Connector

Molex 3pin connector

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