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Comen adult spo2 sensor

  • M1191B Philips Adult Soft Spo2 Sensor for Philips M3/ M4

    Contact NowM1191B Philips Adult Soft Spo2 Sensor for Philips M3/ M41.Description: M1191B Philips adult soft tip spo2 sensor 2.Connector Guide: 8 Pins male Merlin 3.Compatibility: This sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable, and is compatible for the following SpO2 monitors: Viridia 24C, Viridia ,M3, M4, M2601A, M3000A,...Read More

  • Glodway Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowGlodway Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable1. Description: Goldway Oximax spo2 extensionc able 2. Connector Guide:7 Pin to DB9, it fit for Nellcor Oximax spo2 sensor 3.Compatiblity:Goldway 4. Types:Adult finger clip SpO2 sensor, Adult Silicone Soft Rubber SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Clip SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Silicone SpO2 sensor, Neonate...Read More

  • Mindray BeneView T5 T8 Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMindray BeneView T5 T8 Spo2 Sensor1. Mindray T5 Adult Finger clip Spo2 sensor, 2. Connector: Round 7 pins; 3. Compatble models: BeneView T8, BeneView T5, BeneView T1, iPM 12, iPM 10, iPM 8, iMEC 12, iMEC 10, iMEC 8, iPM-9800, PM-9000 Express, PM-8000 Express, PM-7000, MEC-2000, MEC-1200, MEC-1000, PM-9000Vet, MEC-1200Vet,...Read More

  • GE Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowGE Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable1. GE-Marquette (OxiMax) spo2 extension cable,11pin to DB9 L=2.8m 2. Connector Guide: Rectangle 11pins; Length:2.8m; 3. Compatibilities:It have Oximax technology: Dash 3000, dash 4000, Dash 5000, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, i/9500, Tram 451N5, Tram 851N5, Corometrix 250cx 4. Related Products:spo2...Read More

  • Nihon Kohden Disposable Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowNihon Kohden Disposable Spo2 Sensor1. Nihon Konden neonate Disposable Spo2 sensor, Medaplast type 2. Compatible Nihon Kohden TL251T, TL-252T, TL-253T disposable sensors 3. Types:Nihon Kohden Adult disposable spo2 sensor,Nihon Kohden Pediatric disposable spo2 sensor, Nihon Kohden Neonatal disposable spo2 sensor 4. Related...Read More

  • EC-4 Nellcor Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowEC-4 Nellcor Spo2 Adapter Cable1.Nellcor EC-8 Spo2 extension cable,DB7P to 9Pin 2.Connector Guide: DB7p to 9pin 3.Compatible models No. : Daascope:Expert,Passport,GE Medical: Corometrics,188/129, Critikon Dinamap 9700/9710/9720 Plus/Compact/MPS/Pro300/Pro400/Select Nonin:8500,8604 IvyBiomedical:405P,405T M.E.D.:Escort ll...Read More

  • D25/D20/I20/N25 Nellcor Disposable Spo2 Sensor non-oximax 7pin

    Contact NowD25/D20/I20/N25 Nellcor Disposable Spo2 Sensor non-oximax 7pin1. Nellcor I20 infant Disposable Spo2 Sensor,7pin 2. Connector: 7pin 3. OEM P/N: D25,D20,I20,N25 . 4.Compatiblity: Nellcor: N100(req, preamp cable),N180,N200(req, preamp cable),N2-20,NPB-40,NPB-75,NPB290/5, N-390, N-395, N-3000,N6000. 5. Types: nellcor Adult disposable spo2 sensor, nellcor...Read More