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Dash 2500 Spo2 sensor

  • Comen Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowComen Spo2 Adapter CableComen Oximax spo2 extension cable Related Products:Extension Cable, ECG Cable with leadwires, IBP Cable, Disposable Transduer, NIBP Cuff, NIBP Tube, Temperatrue Probe.Read More

  • MOX-20 Medical Oxygen Sensor For Resmed Elisee150 MOX-20 Electrochemical O2 Cell

    Contact NowMOX-20 Medical Oxygen Sensor For Resmed Elisee150 MOX-20 Electrochemical O2 CellMOX-20 Medical Oxygen Sensor for Resmed Elisee150 MOX-20 Electrochemical O2 sensor Application:Ventilator Original and new More compatible information contact us for details Technical SpecificationsRead More

  • Guoteng Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowGuoteng Spo2 SensorGuoteng compatible spo2 sensor Connector: Redel 6-pin Compatible models: Guoteng GT3000, GT5000, GT6000, GT7000, GT9000, GT9002. All types: U450-1AL Adult finger clip for Guoteng spo2 sensor,3m U450-1BL Adult silicone soft tip for Guoteng spo2 sensor,3m U450-1CL Pediatric finger clip for Guoteng...Read More

  • Datex-ohmeda TS-N3 Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowDatex-ohmeda TS-N3 Spo2 Adapter Cable1. Description:TS-N3 Datex spo2 adapter cable, 10pin to DB9 2. Connector :10pin to DB9 3. We also can offer: TS-G3,Trusignal interconnect cable with GE connector, OXY-ES3 TS-M3, Trusignal interconnect cable with TruSat connector, OXY-MC3 TS-H3, Trusignal interconnect cable with Ohmeda connector,...Read More

  • Spacelabs Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowSpacelabs Spo2 Sensor1.Description: Spacelabs Spo2 sensor, 2.Connector Guide: 7 pins 3. Compatibilities: Spacelabs : :90351-0/6:90465:90466 (Nellcor SpO2), 90467 (Nellcor SpO2), 90489 (Nellcor SpO2),90651A-08 , IM77(direct connect)90309, 90489, 90651-A, 90308, PC Scout,, 4.Original code: 90651A-08 015-0130-00...Read More

  • Biosys Spo2 Sensor 6pin

    Contact NowBiosys Spo2 Sensor 6pin1.Biosys Spo2 Sensor 2. Connector Guide: 6pins 3. Compatibilities: Biosys BMP 300 4. CABLE material: TPU 5. Types: Biosys Spo2 Sensor adult finger clip Biosys Spo2 Sensor adult silicone soft Biosys Spo2 Sensor pediatric finger clip Biosys Spo2 Sensor pediatric silicone soft Biosys...Read More

  • MAX-A/MAX-P/MAX-I/MAX-N Nellcor Oximax Disposable Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMAX-A/MAX-P/MAX-I/MAX-N Nellcor Oximax Disposable Spo2 Sensor1.Nellcor MAX-N Disposable Spo2 sensor ,9pin, Oximax 2. OEM code MAX-A(Adult) MAX-P(Pediatric) MAX-I(Infant) MAX-N(Neonate) 3. Types: nellcor oximax Adult disposable spo2 sensor,Nellcor oximax Pediatric disposable spo2 sensor, Nellcor oximax Neonatal disposable spo2 sensor 4. Related Products:...Read More

  • Dolphin neonatal Disposable Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowDolphin neonatal Disposable Spo2 SensorDolphin Neonatal Disposable Spo2 Sensor Code: UD426-1N Patient Size: Neonate Tape Material: Micro Foam Package: 24 pieces / box All size for this type Dolphin: Dolphin Neonatal Disposable Spo2 Sensor Dolphin adult Disposable Spo2 Sensor Dolphin ifant Disposable Spo2 Sensor Dolphin pediatric...Read More

  • Nellcor DOC-10 Oximax Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowNellcor DOC-10 Oximax Spo2 Sensor1. Direct Nellcor N595 DOC-10 adult finger clip spo2 sensor , with oxi-tech,DOC-10 direct connect cable,L=3m 2.Connector: AMP14P direct connect 3.Compatible models: GE healthcare-Dinamap pro400, Dinamap procare 300, Dinamap procare 400, Datex Ohmeda Division Instrument arium Corp-S5 Light,...Read More

  • Mindray 509 Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMindray 509 Spo2 SensorMindray 509B spo2 sensor Compatible models: Mindray 509B,500A,PM9000... All types: U403-1AL Adult finger clip for Mindray Metal 5-pin spo2 sensor,3m U403-1BL Adult silicone soft tip for Mindray Metal 5-pin spo2 sensor,3m U403-1CL Pediatric finger clip for Mindray Metal 5-pin spo2 sensor,3m...Read More