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Dash oximax spo2 sensor

  • Dixtal Spo2 Sensor DX405/DX2010/DX2020/DX2021/DX2405/DX2515

    Contact NowDixtal Spo2 Sensor DX405/DX2010/DX2020/DX2021/DX2405/DX25151.Dixtal Adult Finger Clip SpO2 sensor,7pin 2.Connector: 7pin 3.Compatible Model: DX405, DX2010, DX2020, DX2021, DX2405, DX2515 4. Related Products:Spo2 sensor, spo2 Extension Cable, ECG Cable with leadwires, IBP Cable, Disposable Transduer, NIBP Cuff, NIBP Tube, Temperatrue Probe. 5.Types:...Read More

  • Mindray PM6000 Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMindray PM6000 Spo2 SensorMindray PM6000 adult soft tip spo2 sensor,U403-15BL Compatible models: Mindray PM5000,PM6000(masimo module)... All types: U403-15AL Adult finger clip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m U403-15BL Adult silicone soft tip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m U403-15CL Pediatric finger clip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m...Read More

  • Philips Masimo Spo2 Sensor 12Pin

    Contact NowPhilips Masimo Spo2 Sensor 12Pin1.Description: Philips Spo2 Sensor, L=3m,12pin 2.Connector Guide: HP 12 pins, Masimo tech 3.Compatibility: Original Philips part number: M1190A ,This sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable. It works with the following SpO2 monitors: philips 78352A/C,...Read More

  • Biolight M8000 Spo2 Sensor Digital 5pin

    Contact NowBiolight M8000 Spo2 Sensor Digital 5pinBiolight M8000 Spo2 sensor digital Connector: redel 5pin Compatible: M69, M8000,M9000, M8000A, M9000A, BTD-352A, Biolight digital tech All types: Biolight spo2 sensor adult finger clip Biolight spo2 sensor adult silicone soft Biolight spo2 sensor pediatric finger clip Biolight spo2 sensor...Read More

  • Digicare Digimax 5500 spo2 sensor DB9

    Contact NowDigicare Digimax 5500 spo2 sensor DB9Digicare Digimax 5500 spo2 sensor, Connector: DB-9pin Compatible models : Digicare Digimax 550. All types: U481-2AS Adult finger clip for Digicare spo2 sensor,1m U481-2BS Adult silicone soft tip for Digicare spo2 sensor,1m U481-2CS Pediatric finger clip for Digicare spo2 sensor,1m U481-2DS...Read More

  • Comen Digital Spo2 Sensor 6pin

    Contact NowComen Digital Spo2 Sensor 6pinComen adult finger clip spo2 sensor,Redel 6pin, Compatible models: Comen:Start-8000A/8000B/8000C/8000D/ 8000H,Start-5000B/5000C, C50(Digital tech).Read More

  • DRE Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowDRE Spo2 SensorDRE Spo2 Sensor neonatal wrap, Compatible models: DRE monitor requires redel 5-pin connector sensor. All types: U479-1AL Adult finger clip for DRE spo2 sensor,3m U479-1BL Adult silicone soft tip for DRE spo2 sensor,3m U479-1CL Pediatric finger clip for DRE spo2 sensor,3m U479-1DL Pediatric...Read More