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TS SP D spo2 sensor

  • Edan Digital adult Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowEdan Digital adult Spo2 SensorEdan digital spo2 sensor Connector: Redel 5-pin Compatible models: Edan M3, M3A, M3B, M8, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A, M50, M80, iM8, iM8A, iM8B, iM9, iM9A, iM50, iM80 requires 5-pin digital technical. All types: U472-1AL Adult finger clip for EDAN spo2 sensor,3m U472-1BL Adult silicone soft tip for EDAN...Read More

  • Spacelabs Ultraview Spo2 Sensor SP-015-0660-00

    Contact NowSpacelabs Ultraview Spo2 Sensor SP-015-0660-001.Description: Spacelabs Pulse Oximeter Spo2 sensor, L=3m, 2.Connector Guide: 10 Pins 3.Compatibility: Spacelabs Medical 1050, 1600, 1700, 90367, 90369, 90469, 90496, Ultraview, 91220, 91369, mCare 300 4. Related Products: spo2 sensor, spo2 Extension Cable, ECG Cable with leadwires, IBP Cable,...Read More

  • Digicare adult Spo2 Sensor 7pin

    Contact NowDigicare adult Spo2 Sensor 7pinDigicare Spo2 sensor ,Redel 7-pinRead More

  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12 Spo2 Cable

    Contact NowPhysio-Control LIFEPAK 12 Spo2 Cable1. Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12/20 Cable Nellcor DEC spo2 extension cable 2. Connector: DB9 to DB9 pins. 3. Compatible: Lifepak 12 ,20 4. OEM code: 11110-000042 5. Types:Adult finger clip SpO2 sensor, Adult Silicone Soft Rubber SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Clip SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Silicone SpO2...Read More

  • Dima Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowDima Spo2 Sensor1. Dima neonate wrap Spo2 Sensor,DB9pin 2. Connector: DB9 pins. 3. Related Products:spo2 sensor, spo2 Extension Cable, ECG Cable with leadwires, IBP Cable, Disposable Transduer, NIBP Cuff, NIBP Tube, Temperatrue Probe. 4.Types: Dima adult finger clip Spo2 Sensor Dima adult silicone soft Spo2...Read More

  • Invivo 5500 Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowInvivo 5500 Spo2 SensorInvivo MDE neonate wrap spo2 sensor, metal 7-pin Compatible models: 4500, 4500 Plus, Millennia, Omega 1445, Omni-Trak TVS, Sat Scout. All types: U428-1AL Adult finger clip for Invivo spo2 sensor,3m U428-1BL Adult silicone soft tip for Invivo spo2 sensor,3m U428-1CL Pediatric finger clip for...Read More

  • M1193A Philips Neonate Wrap Spo2 Sensor for Philips Viridia 24C

    Contact NowM1193A Philips Neonate Wrap Spo2 Sensor for Philips Viridia 24C1.Description: M1193A Philips neonate spo2 sensor 2.Connector Guide: 8 Pins male Merlin 3.Compatibility: This sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable, and is compatible for the following SpO2 monitors: Viridia 24C, Viridia ,M3, M4, M2601A, M3000A, M3500B,...Read More