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edan H100n spo2 sensor

  • GE Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowGE Oximax Spo2 Adapter Cable1. GE-Marquette (OxiMax) spo2 extension cable,11pin to DB9 L=2.8m 2. Connector Guide: Rectangle 11pins; Length:2.8m; 3. Compatibilities:It have Oximax technology: Dash 3000, dash 4000, Dash 5000, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, i/9500, Tram 451N5, Tram 851N5, Corometrix 250cx 4. Related Products:spo2...Read More

  • Infinium OMNI Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowInfinium OMNI Spo2 Sensor1. Infinium Compatible SpO2 Sensor, 2. Connector guide: 5 Pins, 2 Keys 3. Compatible : Infinium Omni One, Infinium Omni II, Infinium Infitron and other Infinium monitors that require a 5-pin connector 4. Types: Adult finger clip SpO2 sensor, Adult Silicone Soft Rubber SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Clip...Read More

  • M1941A Philips Spo2 Adapter Cable

    Contact NowM1941A Philips Spo2 Adapter Cable1. Description:M1941A Philips spo2 adapter cable 2. Connector: hemicycle8p>8pin,Suit for hp probes. 3. Compatibility : Philips Medical :M2601A,Philips Medical:M3000A, Philips Medical:3500B, Philips Medical:4735A. 4. Related Products:spo2 sensor, spo2 Extension Cable, ECG Cable with leadwires,...Read More

  • M1194A Philips Adult Ear Clip Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowM1194A Philips Adult Ear Clip Spo2 Sensor1.Description: M1194A Philips adult ear clip spo2 sensor 2.Connector Guide: 8 Pins male Merlin 3.Compatibility: This sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable, and is compatible for the following SpO2 monitors: Viridia 24C, Viridia ,M3, M4, M2601A, M3000A,...Read More