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spo2 probe Digimax 5500

  • Mindray Oximax Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMindray Oximax Spo2 SensorMindray Oximax spo2 sensor Compatible models: PM-7000,PM-6201,PM8000,PM9000... ... All types: U403-9AL Adult finger clip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m U403-9BL Adult silicone soft tip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m U403-9CL Pediatric finger clip for Mindray spo2 sensor,3m U403-9DL Pediatric silicone...Read More

  • Lifepak 12 Medtronic Physio-control spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowLifepak 12 Medtronic Physio-control spo2 Sensor1. Meditronic-Physio Control Lifepak12 adult Spo2 Sensor, DB9pin 2. Connector: DB9 pins. 3. Compatible: Lifepak 12 4.OEM Code: 11996-000060 5. Types: Adult finger clip SpO2 sensor, Adult Silicone Soft Rubber SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Clip SpO2 sensor, Pediatric Silicone SpO2 sensor, Neonate Wrap...Read More

  • Goldway UT6000A Child Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowGoldway UT6000A Child Spo2 SensorGoldway one piece spo2 sensor, Compatible models: Goldway UT4000C, UT4000E, UT4000Apro, UT4000Fpro, UT6000A.Read More

  • Goldway adult Spo2 Sensor 7Pin

    Contact NowGoldway adult Spo2 Sensor 7PinGoldway compatible spo2 sensor,7-pin 40 degree,U408-3AL Compatible models: Goldway 5000F. All types: U408-3AL Adult Finger Clip for Goldway Spo2 Sensor,3m U408-3BL Adult Silicone Soft Tip Goldway Spo2 Sensor,3m U408-3CL Pediatric Finger Clip Goldway Spo2 Sensor,3m U408-3DL Pediatric Silicone...Read More

  • Masimo Rainbow Rad Spo2 Sensor

    Contact NowMasimo Rainbow Rad Spo2 Sensor1. Masimo Rainbow Rad 7neonatal spo2 sensor, 3m, 2. Connector: 20pin 3. Compatible :use with Masimo monitors that require the Masimo Red sensors, such as Rad-57 and Radical-7 2053 DCI-DC3 (Adult Clip, 3 feet) 2054 DCI-DC12 (Adult Clip, 12 feet) 2256 DCIP-DC3 (Pediatric Clip, 3 feet) 2257...Read More